Brad's Core Campaign

Trouble in Belven!

A group of adventurers came to Belven, and sat down for a meal at the Green Dragon Inn.  The leader of the group was a heavily armed and armored fighter named Angus O'Malley.  His two sisters were with him, a trustworthy looking sorcerer named Sophie O'Malley (Clarissa) and a suspicious looking rogue named Maggie O'Malley (Trina).  Angus also had two of his war buddies with him, a large half-orc barbarian with a huge spiked chain named Gorignak (Chris) and a dwarven ranger named Ulgar (Tim).

Angus encountered a young man named Razz MacDonagall who was abusing one of the barmaids.  When Boric intervened Razz spat on him, and Angus promptly knocked him cold.  Durgin then threw Razz out on the street.  Shortly thereafter, 2 of Razz's clan members came by and asked after the person who attacked their brother. 

Ulgar promptly stood up and said "It was me!", after which the brothers attacked him with the obvious intent to kill him.  Ulgar beheaded one of them in short order, but was run through by the the other's short sword.  By that time the rest of the group had engaged and the second brother had dropped, Ulgar was dying on the floor.  Durgin had the inn's headmistress get Father Thomas, a cleric that runs the temple of Pelor in Belven, who promptly arrived and healed Ulgar.

The group spoke with the innkeeper, a dwarf named Durgin, who had a nephew bringing a caravan of goods into Belven who was supposed to be in that morning.  Sometime later, one of the guards from the caravan arrived at the inn.  He was practically dead on his feet from multiple injuries, and collapsed after informing Angus that the caravan had been attacked.  The cleric, who had healed Ulgar, stabilized him. He then told Durgin that the caravan had been attacked by a group of goblins led by a goblin sorcerer.  Apparently, Durgin's nephew had been killed by the sorcerer, and they took the loot and his nephew's body and dragged them off to the south of the road.
The group stays at the Green Dragon for the night, and then heads to the market in the morning.  After a number of financial transactions and negotiations the group headed out along the east road, followed by their new pack mule (who may or may not have been sexually abused).  They found the remains of the caravan after about 3.5 hours of walking, and Ulgar found the goblin trail heading off to the south.  The group headed off into the wilderness, following the trail.
After traveling for nearly 7 hours, they come upon an encampment used by the party of goblins.  By then the sun was setting, so the group decided to make camp.  During the night, they fought off a foray of goblins against the camp.
After waking, they followed the trail to a cave in the hills southeast of Belven that turned out to be an ancient tomb or stronghold of some kind.  Ulgar recalled that some people call it the Fay, and it's old by millenia.
The party proceeds into the structure in the hill.  They encounter several groups of goblins, and one escapes the fray and runs farther into the complex.
The group finds several traps and hidden treasures.  They ignite the old bones and fabric in one of the pitfalls, and Ulgar falls into a pile of thousands of copper pieces in another.  (which still hurts!)
Ulgar and Maggie find a secret door deep in the dungeon.  As they open the door, they hid from the large Carrion Crawler that was sitting in the room on top of a roomful of rotting stinking corpses and moist flesh.  It did not notice their presence, which allowed the young adventures the opportunity to throw everything they had at it.  After a sneak attack with a sling stone, a critical hit with a crossbow bolt, and a full power arcane blast from a magic missile, the poor worm keeled over dead before it could respond.  A pile of platinum pieces and scrolls were their reward.
After crushing hundreds of spiders and other vermin, the adventures find another secret door in one of the unexplored portions of the dungeon.  They open the door, and proceed up a ramp.  Ulgar notices what may be another trap on the floor ahead, but Maggie is unable to disarm it.  Gorignak passes his 10ft pole up to the front, and Maggie triggers the "pitfall" trap.  Instead of a nice neat hole in the floor, a large boulder drops from the ceiling and rolls over the party.  After the stone has past, Ulgar is fighting a concussion and Sophie is bleeding and unconcious on the floor.
As Angus helps to carry the gear (and Sophie's body) out of harm's way, Gorignak ties a rope around Maggie.  She then proceeds up the hallway, and peeks around the corner.  As she does, she is attacked by hundreds and hundreds of vile, diseased rats.  Gorignak frantically pulls her back down the hallway and over the still smoking pitfall they found earlier.  Once the party is out of the hall, the rats quiet and go back to their nest.
The party decides that retreat is the better part of valor, and decides to head back to town to resupply.  Angus cuts off the head of a handy goblin corpse on the way out, and brings it with him.  The group camps at the same place as last time, and once again they are attacked at night by goblins.  Angus realizes (too late) that this camp is probably used by the local goblin scouting parties.
The group gets up the next day, and works their way back to the road without incident.  They then head back to town, and reach the Green Dragon Inn well after midnight.  In the morning, they find Angus unconscious in his bed due to his injuries.  The group carry him to the Temple of Pelor, where Father Thomas begins to heal him from his ordeal after a large donation of copper pieces.  (end episode 1)



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