A call to arms!
This will be an episodic campaign that I will be running with recurring characters (ie. you), that is focused on the core of the D&D experience.  There are several things you need to know:

  • If you cannot be there for the the first episode, or need to miss any future episode for any reason, it is not a problem.  As this is an episodic campaign (think Star Trek), each episode stands alone and you can join in or stay home for any of them with no problem.
  • In each episode if you are more than 2 levels below the highest level character in the group you will be raised one level so you can continue to participate in the adventures effectively.  However, you will not receive an equal amount of money and no items.  You only get the loots if you're in the raid.
  • The number of players can vary from 1 to whatever.  In fact, if there are other people that you want to bring they are welcome.  Visiting family, friends in town, whomever you like.  If they want to play for a day, they can.
  • This is Core D&D.  It will matter what kind of lantern you have, there are times when a 10 foot pole is really useful, and the Knowledge – Dungeoneering skill will be needed.  You just might see a gelatinous cube, run away from Umber Hulks, or have to worry about rust monsters.
  • I will not actively attempt to kill any member of the party, but the possibility of death will exist in every episode.  There will be opportunities for vast rewards, but they will be accompanied by a commensurate level of risk.  Sometimes, retreat is a good idea!
  • If your character ever dies, you are immediately able to roll up a new character of the same level with the average starting gold for that level and that class.  However, you cannot select a character of the same base class that you had before.

To play, there are several things I would ask you to do:

  • Create a character! 
    • The only books that you can use information from are the core books for 3.5.  The Players Handbook 1, the Dungeon Masters Guide 1, and Monster Manual 1.  The one exception is that you can buy equipment that is in the Arms and Equipment Guide.
    • Your stats will be point buy.  You have 28 points to use to purchase your abilities.  The rules are in the DMG, but you can also ask me if you need help. (hint: remember, there are other races that give you stat bonuses)
    • You will get the average starting gold for your class an defined in the PHB1.  Using this gold, you will buy all of your starting equipment using the standard prices listed in the PHB and the A&E Guide.  Make sure to keep accurate track of weight and remaining gold, it will be important.  No magic items yet.
  • Create a back story!
    • This campaign is designed to be personal.  The world will be determined by your stories, so you must have one.
    • It can be as detailed as you want, but the ideal length is at least half a page, and no more than one page.  Your stories will develop as we play
      You can be family, friends, lovers, enemies, or strangers with the other members of the party.  Just make sure that the relationships are defined in the back stories.
    • All of the characters and back stories must be in my hands to play. 

If you have any questions, concerns, complaints, or other communications, you know how to get a hold of me.

Brad's Core Campaign

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