Angus "Beef" O' Malley

A tall, well muscled, swaggering brawler covered in plate armor.



AC: 21 (Plate Mail +8, Shield +2, Dex +1) HP: 33 Fort: +6 Ref: +2 Will: +3 Spot: +0 Speed: 20’

Attacks: - Unarmed, +6 for d4+3 (gauntlets) - Longsword, +7 for d8+3


Older brother to Sophia and Maggie O’Malley, Angus has “made friends” with the Magdonnagals and is currently in the employ of the barkeep Durgin. Angus doesn’t consider himself a mercenary, he prefers the term “freelancer”. He is trying hard to get the team (he thinks he assembled)recognized far and wide as the “Dragons”. Now that the team has a bard maybe news will begin to spread.

Angus "Beef" O' Malley

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